How to cleanup datastore after deleting VMs

Hi guys!
I just went through and deleted a bunch of old VM’s that were in a failed state (through the GUI).

I want to deploy some new ones, but noticed that I don’t have much space left in my datastore. After looking at:
I notice what I believe are the old vm-id’s. It seems that it did not remove them from the datastore after I deleted them in the gui? Does that sound right?

Is it safe to go ahead and delete these just via the linux command line to reclaim some space in the datastore?
Is there a better way to cleanup, or better yet to delete vm’s?


Hi Dan,

No it does not sound right, OpenNebula should cleanup everything. We had
problems with onevm delete in the past and its logic has been reworked to
onevm terminate to sync the file delete operation.

It is save to delete the directories through the rm -r, the recommended way
is to use onevm shutdown to delete the VMs in 4.x