Different vcenter_refs for different hosts

Hi there,
I’m not sure if it’s possible, but maybe it has something in common with super-vnets.
The problem is, that we have one network and two hosts in vCenter and OpenNebula, but network has different refs in different hosts, let it be dvportgroup-0 and dvportgroup-1.

So if vm should be deployed to host 0, VCENTER_NET_REF attribute should be dvportgroup-0 and vice versa. But VCENTER_NET_REF is already set in vnet or AR templates, and it’s not possible to change it basing on logical operators or dictionary.

So do anybody know any ‘fast’ solution with built-in functionality or should we develop a crutch like hook or smth?
Thanks in advance for any of your help.

Hello again. Last time this was fixed by setting NET_REFS attribute to each AR, with the following value “cluster_name,needed_moref,cluster1_name,needed_moref1,etc”. But after upgrading to the latest ONe(, it stopped working.
So VM are getting networks attached from wrong switches, unless you “hardcode” each VCENTER_NET_REF to one cluster. But it breaks multi cluster functionality.

Any ideas there?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. vCenter Cluster == OpenNebula Host