Changing networks on a provisioned VM?

I’m trying out vOneCloud for my users, and one of the things they’ll need to do is change the NICs to a different network every so often. Is there a way to do that from Open Nebula, either in the groupadmin view or the admin view? I don’t want to tell my users to fire up vCenter to change the NIC to a different port group, and even if I do, those changes don’t sync to vOneCloud afterwards.

Please use the vOneCloud community forum for vOneCloud related questions:

Sure, I can make the question as well on the vOneCloud community forum. That said, after poking around, this feels like it could also be a Sunstone question and something you’d potentially want to do with a vOneCloud deployment and an OpenNebula installation.

This is not supported by OpenNebula currently. Would it be acceptable to perform a detach NIC and attach a NIC from another virtual network?