[SOLVED] Users can't add new nics and new disks

I have an OpenNebula 5.8.1 installation and i noticed that after I create a VM as a regular user, the buttons “Attach nic” and “Attach disk” are missing from the network and storage tabs.
I’ve checked the template used to deploy the VM, and the option “Do not allow to modify network configuration” is not checked

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you

Hello @Marco

What view are you using in sunstone?

I’m using groupadmin view

So you have to update the groupadmin.yaml and change the following values by true.

VM.attachdisk: false                                                
VM.attachnic: false 

After doing that, you have to restart sunstone.

The file you have to change is in /etc/one/sunstone-views/<MODE>/groupadmin.yaml The MODE is the type of view you are using, kvm mixed or vcenter, you can find it clicking on the user name (top right corner) and check what is in views(MODE).

Oh, I see.
Thanks for your quick support!