Questions about Virtual Networks and DHCP

Hi guys !

I have a question about Virtual Networks, i make an Cloud plateform with OpenNebula for Devs peoples. They will use the Cloud view of Nebula, because i want keep it very simple.
But i have trouble to understand Virtual Networks and scpecialy the IP addresses.
You can make IPv4 range, who will automaticaly assign IP adresses to new VMs in Sunstone but when you open the machine you don’t have IP. Of course i can give DHCP to my VMs, but that mismatch the IP address in Sunstone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The thing is, I want to create Vms from a template and Nebula give them an IP address automaticaly and visible in Sunstone.
I think that i miss something.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

You need to use, on top of your current network setup, the contextualization package in your VMs, or simply use the images available in any of the public marketplaces which are provided with this package installed.

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Contextualization package installed in VM as mentioned by @dclavijo will do all the magic and set up network based on what you see in Sunstone on VM boot.

If you can’t use contextualization packages in your VM’s, you can use i.e. VNF appliance / virtual router with DHCP support. As I just learned yesterday :wink: this can work because OpenNebula is using clear relation between MAC and IPv4 addresses and because of that Open Nebula’s DHCP will provide you with same IP as is configured in Sunstone (if you are not changing MACs by hand).


Thank you @dclavijo and @kepi for your responses;
I didn’t know about contextualization package, i started directly by creating VMs on my Vcenter. And imported on OpenNebula after that. I skiped this part of the doc.
So if I understand it well, it’s some kind of vmware tools for Open Nebula.
Thanks again;