Deploying Open Nebula for ESXi without vCenter

Hi, please bear with me as I am new to working in tech, but I am trying to implement Open Nebula to manage a few ESXi 6.0 hosts for evaluation purposes, and I am wondering: Is Open Nebula capable of completely replacing vCenter? I have seen mentions that it can, but every recent installation guide I could find was based on adding Open Nebula to an existing vCenter installation. I can’t acquire a paid license for vCenter, so I was hoping somebody could explain, or redirect me to a guide that explains, how to install Open Nebula to manage VMWare ESXi hosts without the need for any paid licences. Thanks!

Unfortunately, in OpenNebula 4.14 and 5.x, the only interaction from OpenNebula to VMware based infrastructures is through vCenter.

I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you for the quick reply and information.

It appears you can control ESXi directly through ssh. Is that not accurate?

Those are links for older OpenNebula versions, direct ESXi support was discontinued.

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It’s clear that the driver was discontinued. But, I share the same another users need: Isolated hosts executing Esxi. Wath is the possibility to recreate the driver as a plugin?

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I would be interested as well to know if it will plan in futur to connect ESX, ESXi without vcenter in order to connect standalone VMWARE Host in OpenNebula ?

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i am new to open nebula and have concerns if this is still true?

i have been finding out certain truths about the way certain public clouds do their business and is this limitation due to technicality or more of business reason?

i hope this is not true still.