Open Nebula 6.6.0 compatibility

Hello community

I’m looking for some compatibility matrix between Open Nebula and Vsphere / ESXI but I can’t find anything.

Could someone tell me if Open Nebula V6.6.0 is compatible with Vsphere 8.0 U2?

I need to clarify this point before updating my infrastructure.

Thank you very much in advance

Take a look at the platform notes for information regarding compatibility with any existing integration.

Thank you very much dclavijo for the information,

Once this point has been clarified, another question arises. Is there a roadmap to know when we will have a version of OpenNebula compatible with VmWare / ESXI 8.0?

Thank you very much in advance

Hello @JoseLuis,

You can check the roadmap here: Roadmap · OpenNebula/one Wiki · GitHub

And if you want to go specific, I suggest you to check the issues on the repo. If you can’t find anything related to this support, I suggest you to open an issue to request it :wink: