OpenNebula install on CentOS 7 with existing VMWare Hosts

Hello Eveyone,

I am just now really getting my teeth in to this and I am little confused, I have created a VM with CentOS 7 on it to install the frontend of OpenNebula. I have a few questions.

First off why is the /var/lib/one shared as nfs and what size should it be?

Second I am installing this to use with my VMWare ESXi (I have 2 hosts) hosts, Why do I have have to have nodes installed, I just need the front end right?

Is there a document or tutorial for the install on CentOS to use with existing VMWare infrastructure (NO I do not have a vCenter Server because I can’t afford it)?

Thank you in advance sorry for the stupid questions.

Just a quick comment, we do not recommend using the ESX drivers in OpenNebula as they will be soon deprecated.

Hello Tino,

Does this mean support for ESXi is going away?
If that is the case then I will need to switch back to KVM.

Thanks for the info,

Hi Michael,

Yes, I’m afraid support for ESXi is going away in the near future.