Disable resolve.conf from being overwriten and losing manual settings

Hey folks,
Thanks for being here. I have some cloned images being used to spin up additional app servers.

I want to use manual network settings and bypass the network contextualization contextualization. something is celaring my settings in resolv.conf on boot. I would like to disable that on these images.

Is that possible and what is the easy way?

FYI the templates do not have network contextualization enabled, but the image clones do. I want to remove whatever is doing that on the OS side of the house.

I believe you are using Ubuntu. Starting from Ubuntu 12.04, the resolve.conf is auto generated by “resolvconf” package. You need update necessary DNS information in the /etc/network/interfaces file itself and the “resolvconf” package will generate the /etc/resolv.conf accordingly.

Sample configuration:
auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask network broadcast gateway dns-nameservers dns-search domain.com

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so perfect thank you very much. Good times.