Disk.0 owner root


We are having some problems with news dom0 (just use KVM)

The problem is that:

One MV run, the file disk.0 is oneadmin. owner… but after make a shutdown through sunstone the owner change to root… and that make not possible the copy to the datastore.

¿Any idea? maybe bad configuration?

Can you check that the libvirt is configured to execute kvm VMs as oneadmin and dynamic ownership is deactivated? In /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf:

user  = "oneadmin"
group = "oneadmin"
dynamic_ownership = 0
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i found that dynamic_ownership is commented,

user = "oneadmin"
user = "oneadmin"

# The group for QEMU processes run by the system instance. It can be
# specified in a similar way to user.
group = "kvm"

# Whether libvirt should dynamically change file ownership
# to match the configured user/group above. Defaults to 1.
# Set to 0 to disable file ownership changes.
#dynamic_ownership = 1

by default is set to 1… thats the problem!