Disk size limit

When instantiating a new VM, the disk size slider control allows my users to create a VM up to 510Gb. How is the disk size range determined? Is there a option to specify the maximum disk size a user can select?

Alternately I un-commented the line: VM_RESTRICTED_ATTR = “DISK/SIZE” in oned.conf hoping to disable the slide control. But that did not seem to work.


Hi Bobc!

If you use the frontend, you can determinate a memory range for the template with the dropdown that it’s near the memory input, else , if you use the CLI, you can added a user_input MEMORY of range type and decide min and max values.


I see the capability for defining a memory range in the front-end. I can also see the option for defining CPU & VCPU. But I do not see a drop-down for defining a disk size range on my screen.



IMO Bob is addressing the disk size, which i think is same issue as #5440.

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Anton Todorov

@atodorov_storpool and @juanmont,

I think that @bobc talk about “Disk” selector (highlighted in the attached image). This range is configurable? If yes, where is this configuration?

Any news on this issue ?
If there is no limit, how can one prevent whoever is creating the VM to make it as large as the underlying storage datastore ?
I would like to limit the size but I don’t see where I can do that?

I’ve never received any further information about this topic. But I also have not explored to see if size limit is configurable in versions released since my original post.



It is acting the same in the latest version (6.2).