Dynamically create portgroups

As I’m new to OpenNebula I just wanted to ask a quick question. Is it possible, and if so how, to have a “pool” of vlan ID’s published to OpenNebula and have adminusers in OpenNebula create networks themselves which get’s provisioned as a portgroup in VMware? I would like to prepopulate a bunch of vlans to ESX clusters, then have other personnel to be able to create networks and VM’s on those networks.

Yes, this is supported, please refer to the documentation:


Great. Thanks. I got it to work except it didn’t add a auto-vlan ID on the network. But maybe I’ve missed some setting in the oned.conf? I’ll investigate further.

Is this a bug? I’m creating vcenter port groups from the GUI using these settings and Auto vlan… It creates the protgroup OK but it’s missing the vlan ID?

Noone else that has this problem?

After the network is created, shouldn’t the vlan ID field be populated? Is there somewhere I can find what $template contains when the hook runs ?
If I set manual vland id it works.


Sorry but it seems that automatic_vlan_id does not work properly for vcenter_driver.

We’ll have fix this as soon as possible.


Ok , great! Thanks

Any time scheduled for that fix, just so I know when I can expect it ?

Some progress on this fix?


sorry about the delay i didn’t notice about this topic :sweat_smile:.

Automatic VLAN_ID it has been already fixed, you can look at development repo to find it, so it expected that it will work for the next release.
Anyways you can view the fix here: https://github.com/OpenNebula/one/commit/139f448a76a03a0fd9fbfe8ddc6b8457205f774d


:slight_smile: great. How do I apply the fix?

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Im afraid that this fix implies core changes so you need to compile the core yourself.

Here is the guide to do it: http://docs.opennebula.org/5.4/integration/references/compile.html?highlight=source%20code

Ok, do you know when the next official version is about to be released?

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