Econe-describe-images ... not show images


we are trying to boot images using ec2 support.

some days ago (may months) we register an image in our datastore.

The image seem to be ok, using oneimage i can see it:

~]$ oneimage list | grep ec2
714 oneadmin oneadmin ec2-5316b6ce-4e43-4ef9-bee5-efa5700f0b58 default 40M OS No rdy 0

but using econe-descibe-image can receive output.

[oneadmin@cloud ~]$ econe-describe-images
Owner ImageId Status Visibility Location

There are any option that i lost? i exported the EC2_ACCESS_KEY and EC2_SECRET_KEY

¿Any idea how to fix?

Hi Alejandro,

By default OpenNebula images will not be available through EC2, you have to register them first by running the following command:

econe-register 714

This command will add an EC2_AMI=YES attr in the image template. Images containing this attribute will be listed in the econe-describe-images command


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oh fantastic, the opcion EC2_AMI=YES is so useful

Thanks again @dmolina :slight_smile: