Editing cloud.yaml and user.yaml

hi. i’m trying to # out some rows in those files, and i don’t see that reflecting on the menus
for example i’m going to datastores and i’m # out the owner, but the owner still appears. what am i doing wrong?

Hi Liorme,

Did you restart Sunstone (or the webserver in case Sunstone is running inside) after doing the changes?


yes, thank you
i ended up finding out that because i’m in mixed mode, i needed to change both the file under the vcenter folder and the file under the mixed folder

Hi @rdiaz ,

I am trying out to add 2 buttons in UserView and Admin view and want to perform action on button click using XML-RPC API method call.
I have gone through yaml files, but haven’t got any idea as how to add new buttons in the existing view.
Please suggest.