Error Copying image

Hello everyone,

Sorry to be a bother again, but I was following this little step Import VM to import my current VMs into OpenNebula and got the following error

Fri Sep 18 10:07:41 2015 : Error copying image in the datastore: Error copying /VMs/WebServer.img to /var/lib/one//datastores/1/790ad3e61adcd4b20a6b3201c617f894

note: the double slashes in the url before datastores

I think i have this figured out but still would like to know where the // are coming from. Can someone help me with it please?

I wuld like to bet on /var/lib/one/config :smile:

Anton Todorov

You can’t add image from /var/lib/one directory to datastore, that directory is restricted directory and opennebula don’t allow you to use from it and it’s subdirectories.
Move your image to another directory and test again. :slight_smile:

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And having // is not an issue for Linux.