Error when trying to donwload and image from Apps

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When I am trying to donwload any image from the opennebula market place using Apps. I get the following error: (Opennebula 5.4.1)

Sat Sep 30 20:28:57 2017 : Error copying image in the datastore: Error copying to /var/lib/one//datastores/1/e35ca3909934986baf01511edebd196c

This is the oned.log entry
Sat Sep 30 20:31:47 2017 [Z0][InM][D]: Host (1) successfully monitored.
Sat Sep 30 20:31:58 2017 [Z0][ReM][D]: Req:3984 UID:0 invoked , -2, -1, -1, -1

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
Front End Ubutuntu Server 17.4
Workert Debian 9.1

Steps to reproduce:
Go to Storage --> Apps try to donwload any image. It is starts tthe process but when click Storage --) Images Status is ERROR

Current results:
ERROR cannot get any image to donwload

Expected results:
Donwolad images to be available in OpenNeabula

Any advise?


I found what was wrong. This may help anybody in the future.

I tailed oned.log and I found I did not have curl command installed.

After I sudo apt install curl I fixed my issue.