Error executing image transfer script: Error copying one-sandbox

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Now for some images I can’t create VM because it rejects to copy files.

Fri Oct 7 14:11:16 2016 : Error executing image transfer script: Error copying one-sandbox:/var/lib/one//datastores/109/ec6eb8e2c187e1053b2f332ce735da63 to

Some other VMs can be created. Can’t understand why=(

Hi Dmitry1,

Can you provide few more lines after this error message? it is common to have clues what is wrong.
Also, attaching the output of the following commands (run them on the front-end a.k.a. “sunstone”) could help in resolving the issue:

onehost list --xml
onedatastore list --xml
oneimage list --xml
onetemplate list --xml

And let us know what is the template of the failing VM, ( with ID 25)

Common cases are SSH permissions, file permissions, etc. But is is hard to figure out from only one line of the logfile

Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov