FairShare Scheduler for OpenNebula

Dear all,

The first version of the FairShare Scheduler (FaSS) for OpenNebula
https://github.com/indigo-dc/one-fass has been released with INDIGO-Datacloud 2 in
April 2017. The current version implements a MultiFactor algorithm which
schedules according to historical usage and initial shares.

A few lines of code are added to the ONE scheduler.
The modification allows for the possibility (turned on by the
configuration parameter USE_PRIO) to order the VMPool map structure using
the calculated priority as key, instead of the VM ID. This is a general
feature that could be used by any other scheduler which would just need to
add a PRIO entry to the VM user template. The default value of USE_PRIO is
0, which preserves the original ONE behaviour.

You can find a demo here: https://vimeo.com/216656868 (pass: fass)

Sara Vallero, Stefano Bagnasco and Valentina Zaccolo

Nice one! Thanks for shareing!

The new version available for install in master of https://github.com/indigo-dc/one-fass works with ONE 5.4. It contains also an additional feature that allows to set machines as static, in such a way they do not get terminated by FASS.
To use it with previous versions of ONE, one can install v1.1.