Scheduling and reservation system?

One of the most common requests we get from our ON users is if there is a scheduling system/reservation. The use-case would be to have multiple users submitting a bunch of VMs with time restrictions: “Submit 10 VMs, from Sunday 3am until Monday 2am”.
Users should not be allowed to ‘extend’ their reservation, favouring instead a new resubmission, possibly not overlapping the previous one.
The sysadmin should be able to inspect the queue of VM submission requests, eventually deleting them before actual deployment.
Is anyone aware of some kind of plugin offering this functionality for OpenNebula?


The current scheduler does not provide such batch capabilities. Capacity
can be only limited by quota (e.g. user has only 10 VMs) but not for a
period of time. You can however setup an external tool to set those quota
time frame.