Question about quota


I would like my users to have the option to run limited number of virutal machines, but at the same time to have more deployed virtual machines.

For example - limit for 2 running virtual machines:

5 deployed Virtual Machines:

3 of them are POWEROFF (as a result of user action).
2 of them are RUNNING.

User chooses which virtual machines can run i.e. when he/she wants to run another virutal machine from the list of already deployed virtual machines and there’s no resources available for that (quota limit) then first the other virtual machine needs to be powered off. So quota would be applicable only for virtual machines in RUNNING state.

We use customized driver storage to the specific development environment. Action stop (which releases resources) is rarely used and is unfortunately time consuming.

What do you think about this? I suppose this is not supported now?

OpenNebula 4.0.1