Federation VNC run vm error

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My problem is this

Federation with OpenNebula as master/slave. I have detected a error. running the Master Sunstone(, I can change to the Slave Sunstone( It works well, but if we try to run the VNC console from any vm it fails(code: 1006 slave side).

I do not understand how to solve Could you explain me please!

Also as vnc direct traffic to the master / slave?
Or what file should be set to this feature of the federation?
By modifying the part of vnc_proxy but without positive response.

currently the league thus shown a vm

but I guess I should be this way

OpenNebula version: 4.14
I do not see any error in the logs.
I do not have connectivity issues.
no use ssl no https

Thanks for your support!

I currently use this platform as a test project, but want to participate this platform as project officer in my company


If you are using the zone dropdown in the top-right corner, then you are still using the master Sunstone to contact the slave oned. This is different than connecting to the slave sunstone. In fact, you will notice that the slave sunstone can be stopped, and you will still have access to the slave oned from the master sunstone.

The arquitecture is explained here: http://docs.opennebula.org/4.14/advanced_administration/data_center_federation/introf.html

Unfortunately, VNC does not work at the moment between different zones (see http://dev.opennebula.org/issues/2757). Sunstone will fail to establish a VNC connection when you are switching to a zone different to where sunstone is running.
You will need to point your browser to the slave sunstone, and this way you will have access to the local vnc proxy.


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In this part I did not understand,
is it be the usual way to access?
excuse my ignorance

Thank you
for answer


If you need VNC support from sunstone, then yes, you will need a local sunstone in each zone. Instead of the nice zone dropdown in the top right corner, your users will need to access a different url for each zone.


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thank you

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