Generating VM Templates

Hi all,

I’m very excited to be getting OpenNebula in our environment to replace Xen. We have been using Ansible for provisioning new VMs on xen, but OpenNebula will greatly simplify this process with it’s intuitive VM Templates. I’m wondering, though if others in the community are generating templates from a code base, some git repo, perhaps that contains some configuration information (like IP addresses) that is injected into a new template that is then used to provision a new VM. I am thinking I may just continue to use Ansible to do this on the OpenNebula server command line, but it’s not the cleanest solution.

Ideally, I would like to have maybe, a library that will interact with the OpenNebula API and generate the VM Templates with the IP address, DNS, init scripts and other settings that will be useful when the machine boots for the first time.

Any suggestions or feedback?


Many of the OpenNebula users create their own scripts to interact with OpenNebula, the idea that you have to provision virtual machines is fine and many of the users do it. OpenNebula has an API developed in different programming languages, you can choose the one you prefer to develop.

You can see more information about our APIs, here.