Global Federation Datastore and Templates

Any suggestion on what I can do to have a unified datastore and templates across 10 datacenter?.

We are looking to have the same templates across all zones. Should I be look at using saltstack or something else to do that?


We are working on a tight integration of the marketplace concept for OpenNebula. The new marketplace will allow to easily add contents to a marketplace and download them to any OpenNebula in a federation. The first versión will support images with an optional template, but we are planning to include VM Templates and Services Templates (One Flow) in next versions.

This is slightly different from a repository of configuration files (e.g. from saltstack, ansible…) It depends on what is the final goal:

1.- If you want to export images from a datastore and import them in a datastore of other OpenNebula, then the new marketplace will be the best option. You can think of a Marketplace as a shared datastore or another storage hierarchy level…

2.- If you want to generate pristine installations of a given configuration in a deterministic way then a saltstak, ansible or similar is better.

You can even combine both, marketplace for base OS installations and configuration recipes to produce different appliances…


Ok, Thanks. I think I am looking to run my own market place. I might be able to achieve this with saltstack.