Good practice for upgrade 5.6.1 to 5.8

Hello everyone,

I’m going to know you the best practices for the upgrade

I updated 5.6.1 to 5.8 but the configuration files are not kept.

We are obliged to postpone our configuration

I use Ansible

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Hello, it is normal. Package manager should display you changed files durring update. On centos I have some files with suffix .rpmsave or .rpmnew. You have to go file by file, make diff, and incorporate changes. When you are done, them you can start openenbula services.


What has worked for me to help prepare config managment cookbooks/playbooks/whatever is to spin up a test frontend controller VM on the current Opennebula version, in your case 5.6.1, and upgrade that VM to see what changes the new packages have made to the configuration files. Then I do what @feldsam said and merge the new changes into our existing Chef configuration templates (in your case Ansible playbooks).

I’ll iterate a couple of times creating and upgrading test frontend controller VMs with my Chef cookbook to verify that it’s working as expected before upgrading the actual Opennebula controllers and VM hosts.

Do I need to migrate the VMs from the host I am willing to upgrade?

I did not need to do it