Upgrade from 5.4.6 to 5.6.1

Dear Developers,

We’ve deployed opennebula on 2 bare-metal hosts running Centos 7.5 and KVM in a private Network zone, without Internet access

Being in a confined environment we cannot run: “/usr/share/one/install_gems” so we had to look inside the script and google for the corresponding rpms. When we installed 5.4 we managed to find everything in the opennebula or epel yum repo but now when upgrading to 5.6 three dependencies were missing. And we did mirror inside our network the most recent EPEL and open_nebula repo.


> We manage to find 2 of the 3 missing rubygems rpms on some doggy Internet website and after analyzing we decided to move them inside, but the rubygem-scrub_rb was nowhere to be found so we had to manually compile it ourselves.


> So we were wondering, if for the next upgrade would you consider the add to the opennebula repo all required dependencies, so we take everything from there?