New add-on installgems

Dear OpenNebula developers

We are working in a new add-on to generate the gem packages required by OpenNebula [1]. This addon uses the new install_gems extra options to check the dependencies ( it was already merged in master [2]). We have tested this script in Centos and Debian, in fact now we can generate the rpms and install opennebula automatically using Quattor in our cluster (and it will work with different conf managers such Puppet and Chef as well). For the moment the script is not able to upload the new packages to an internal repository defined by the user, but we will include this feature soon. Please let us know what is your opinion on this new addon and if you think that it could be integrated as an “official” Opennebula addon (we don’t know if there are more sites interested in this feature).

Cheers and thanks

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Sorry for the late reply.

We really think this addon can be helpful to more people automating the deployment of OpenNebula. I personally would like to move it forward.

I’ve created a new repo under the OpenNebula organization and gave you admin rights. Check the addon guidelines for tips. I’ll add the repo to the addons catalog when everything is prepared.

Thank you!

Hi Javier

Thanks a lot! I have updated the new repo, I hope to include the upload feature soon…