Gems from install_gems script


Do you know why this gems from this install_gems script are not RPM packaged? It should ease the deployement in production environment to have this gems in RPMs from OpenNebula repository (or a local mirror), to prevent to have an internet connection + gcc etc installed on servers.

Should it be enough to make a tarball of /usr/local/share/gems?

There is an addon to create a package with those ruby dependencies:

Hi Javi,

sadly, this script doesn’t work:

$ ./ 
redhat OS flavour detected.
Installing required packages to generate gem packages.
Intalling fpm gem.
unable to convert "\xF3" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 for lib/fpm/package/pyfpm/__init__.pyc, skipping
unable to convert "\xF3" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 for lib/fpm/package/pyfpm/get_metadata.pyc, skipping
Installing required packages to compile new gems.
/bin/sh: /home/lsimngar/install_gems: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
2015-03-24 10:37:37,555 - gem_packages - ERROR - exit status 127

I have reported this issue.

I found out how to make it works, it’s just a documentation issue.

Then we have to install all this packages:

yum install rubygem-amazon-ec2 rubygem-aws-sdk rubygem-azure 
rubygem-builder rubygem-configparser rubygem-curb rubygem-daemons 
rubygem-eventmachine rubygem-faraday rubygem-hashie rubygem-inflection 
rubygem-json rubygem-macaddr rubygem-mime-types rubygem-mime-types 
rubygem-mini_portile rubygem-multi_json rubygem-multipart-post 
rubygem-mysql rubygem-net-ldap rubygem-nokogiri rubygem-ox 
rubygem-parse-cron rubygem-polyglot rubygem-rack rubygem-rack-protection
 rubygem-sequel rubygem-sinatra rubygem-softlayer_api rubygem-sqlite3 
rubygem-systemu rubygem-thin rubygem-tilt rubygem-treetop 
rubygem-trollop rubygem-uuid rubygem-uuidtools rubygem-xml-simple 

Should be great if all this packages could be in the official OpenNebula repo, and that OpenNebula packages requires them to install the dependancies automatically. Do you have any idea why it’s not the case?

well in fact those generated packages can’t be installed, they conflict with rubygems Redhat package… because they include /usr/share/gems/doc and other generic directories. I’m trying to rebuild them with /usr/local/ prefix instead.

Maybe you can use only the ones that are not already in CentOS/epel repositories.

I have opened a new issue about this problem. We are trying to exclude this /usr/share/gems/doc from the RPMs.