HCI deployment- networking requirements?

I’m working on a PoC of opennebula using the HCI deployment model described at:


My question is about the networking requirements- the docs describe needing a public network with internet access (which I have) that is not configured with any IPs, as well as a management network (which the frontend can reach hosts through).

My question is- does the management network require access to the internet? The HCI deployment is failing during the deployment because apt-update won’t run, due to not having any IPs configured on the internet-facing interface. How do I work around this?

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Hi @JimmyC,

Probably I’m missing something, but if you have an interface with internet access, but it has not IP configured you won’t be able to access internet through it. Can you double check that you’re able to access the internet from within the nodes?

Note that part of the configuration process consist on installing dependencies, which requires internet access.

Thanks Christian. The nodes themselves have no internet access via the private interface.

The bit in the docs that gave rise to confusion is in the requirements section at the top of the page I linked:

Separated interface connected to the Internet. VMs will access the Internet through this network. Do not configure any IP address for this interface.

Hi @JimmyC,

Now I get your misunderstanding, the doc is a bit misleading. There are two different things here:

  • VMs public networking: this is what this public interface is used to. And the docs ask not to configure an IP address there as it will be added into the corresponding bridge later (this will be done automatically by OpenNebula drivers). So the IP address assigned to it won’t be visible.
  • Host internet connectivity: during the configuration process the host will need internet access in order to properly install all the required dependencies. Ideally using a different interface than this “public interface” which will be used for VM usage.

Thanks. That makes more sense, I figured that may be the case.

Appreciate your assistance Christian!

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