Cannot access instance from the public network

i am testing opennebula using vmware workstation. i create one management server and one host. the host server has 2 nic which 1 connected to management network and another one is connected to bridge interface. i manage to get the instance start. however, i cannot get or access to the instance from external/public interface.

i’m using centos 7. please advise.

Do you have an ip assigned to the VM?

As I know, by default the templates in the Marketplace do not have network section defined and after import from the martketpkace you should update the template with proper network selected.

Anton Todorov


thanks for replying. yes, i can see the ip address is assigned to instance. however, still not able to communicate from outside. btw, i just create a bridge interface and add a physical interface to it. as i can’t find any other step on how to configure it. i asume it should be correct rite? or is there any other step that i need to follow.?

at the same time, i would like to know does opennebula support auto hostname configuration instead of leaving it to localhost eachtime i create a new instance?