Connection to instance in OpenNebula

I’m configuring a OpenNEbula server that acts as Front-End server and as KVM Node. This server has only one NIC (eth). I want to configure ONE in the following way:

  • all the instances will run locally because the server acts as KVM node
  • eth0 is my public interface, so it’s configured with an public IP address. External connectivity (from outside to inside and from inside to outside) will be throught this interface
  • I have installed Openvswitch for bridging
  • Also, I have added my public SSH key to my profile

By the moment, I have configured a private network ( inside OpenNebula.
With this configuration, when I launch an instance with that network, it runs OK and OpenNebula-sunstone shows that my instance has got 1 IP from range. However, I can’t connect using SSH from the server to the instance private IP address.
However, from my server console, I can’t do “ssh root@private_IP_address” (No route to host)

My openvswitch configuration is:

[root@nebulaserver ~]# ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge "br0"
        Port "eth0"
            Interface "eth0"
        Port "br0"
            Interface "br0"
                type: internal
    ovs_version: "2.7.0"

What I’m missing?