Open Cloud in OVH dedicated server

Hey guys, I’m having trouble configuring OpenNebula on a single node on a dedicated OVH server. I was unable to configure the network. I tried several ways to create the bridge, I tried to configure MAC, but nothing worked. Is it possible to use OpenNebula in OVH? Is it possible to configure this without MAC addresses or is it possible to configure all MACs and IPs before creating VMS to automate this task? I appreciate the responses.

Anybody ? I just need to know how do I make my VMs see the internet? any tutorial?

Hello, you can try the miniONE to deploy a single-node evaluation cloud. Best, Vlastimil

Thank you, I’ll try it. But I think my problem is more related to the network configuration of the additional IPs from OVH than to the installation of openNebula itself.

Hi, if the additional IPs are routed to your dedicated server, you have different options:

  • Use iptables (table nat) to route traffic to VMs attached to the bridge (SNAD and DNAT if you need reachability from Internet to VMs or MASQUERADE if you only need reachability from VMs to Internet)
  • Use OneFlow Network mapping & Floating IPs.


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