Assign Public/External IP to VMs using Open vSwitch bridge

Hello, I’ve seen this answered many times, yet I can’t get it configured correctly.

I’ve got 5 IPs I can use, would like to assign 1 for me and the other 4 to VMs.

Of what I’ve read, I need to:

  1. Create a bridge (named it ovsbr0, done)
  2. Add my physical interface to it (enp3s0, done)
  3. Flush IPs and assign them to the bridge (done)

This all works correctly, I can even assign more IPs to the host and ping/ssh through them. (had a fun time figuring out I forgot to set back the gateway)

Ok, great, how do I add these to OpenNebula? I’ve tried:

Adding my interface as an Open vSwitch bridge and adding the IPs I want to assign, but I’ve had no success so far.

What I’m looking for is virtual network configs, if any of you could share that.

Thanks In advance

Please read documentation -

Thanks but I’ve already read the docs, here’s more info:

EDIT: Holy crap, I did miss this part! its fixed thank you very much!


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You were very helpful, thank you so much!