OpenNebula 6.0/Debian10 does not create virtual networks properly?

Creating a VN in my 2 host + frontend setup, the created L2 bridge does not get assigned any IP in my case.

Since i’am new to OpenNebula, i’am not sure i’am doing anything wrong. Frontend and Nodes (hosts) run Debian 10 with OpenNebula 6.0 - see my lab at GitHub - EugenMayer/opennebula-lab: Quickly spin up an opennebula lab with a frontend and 2 compute nodes using vagrant.

All 3 have an eth0 as a WAN (via my physical host) and the usual LAN interface which in the real world would be WAN with public IPs.

Creating a VN does create a bridge on lets say compute node 1, but does not assign the bridge any IP of that range itself, so the deployed VM is not reachable at all.

What am i doing wrong?

Hi @EugenMayer ,

OpenNebula network drivers don’t assign IP address to bridge interfaces. In order to have connectivity between VMs o different hosts, configure (add) a physical interface in the virtual network configuration and configure host routes accordingly.