A bit confused about networking with ip assignment

Hi, i’m trying OpenNebula 5.10 with 2 servers i read doc and installed Frontend on one server and kvm-host on the other, both servers are Debian 10.
FrontEnd :
KVM Host : (called node01 with only one physical network card)
I Have succesfulyl added a host to the frontend

Then i have imported an appliance from marketplace (tty-linux-kvm) and it is now in my vm templates (on sunstone) as suggested here : https://docs.opennebula.org/5.10/deployment/node_installation/verify.html#verify-installation

What i dont understand is how to set an ip address automatically when i instantiate a VM, here is my network config on kvm host

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto enp5s0
allow-hotplug enp5s0
iface enp5s0 inet static

What i would like to do is that my VM gets, for example, as ip address, im not sure about how to proceed.

Thank you for explanations

You need to set up a virtual network and make sure the VM you are trying to instantiate has a contextualized image. TTY Linux is q test VM in order to test your setup is able to instantiate VMs, try instead a contextualized virtual appliance from the marketplace, for example, alpine 3.10.