About Virtual Private Network in Opennebula

Hi, Everyone,
I have gone through opennebula OpenvSwitch and Virtual router.
Actually I have created cloud environment using Opennebula. Host operating system is Ubuntu. Although front end and host/node are having more then one NICs. But currently I am using one NIC of each system for public network. Rest of the NICs are not connected.

But all the tutorials, Opennebula site as well as your post talked about Virtual Network for the private network.

Everywhere it is assumed that hosts are attached to two physical networks:
A private network, through the virtual bridge vbr0
A network with Internet connectivity, through vbr1

My question, How to create a virtual private network(VPN)?
whether I need to create a private network among frontend and nodes(host)?
And after that I need to bridge the private network in the same way I did for public network using OpenvSwitch? After that I need to create virtual network for private network?
And after that I need to use Virtual public and private network to instantiate my VMs?

I don’t have deep knowledge in it. Any kind of help or assistance will be greatly appreciated?
Thanks in advance.

hi, first of all - VPN and a virtual private network (LAN) are 2 completely different things.
Dont mix m up, or you get all kind of weird google-results :wink:

I think your request is the same as the user in this topic?

But it is not done with openvswitch and/or a virtual router, but might be helpful