Network on OpenNebula with two nodes

Good morning,
I created vms on opennebula, I created a private network, I want to connect via vnc from the outside.
On my two nodes I have configured a bridge br0
please help me because I can’t find how to create a router to get out of my private network (vm) to my box

Hello Bedda,

Have you checked this info on the documentation?

In case you need help, let us know.


Good morning,
Thank you for your answer, I have checked the documentation.
In fact I have in place a test infrastructure on vmware => a cluster with two nodes, host1, host2
I created vms.
my problem is that i can’t access these vms from the outside (my linux member of the cluster, or my physical machine on which i use vmware). knowing that my win10 machine and my linux members of the cluster are connected to my box via the bridge.
do you have an idea to work around this problem?