Connect or 'share' a Virtual Network across different nodes

I’am trying to model a DC scenario where i have 1 frontend node (node physically speaking) and 2 additional compute nodes (hosts). All 3 are barebones with their own network and have no common LAN interface, just one WAN (with multiple public IPs).

My plan is to replace my current proxmox cluster with (proxmox+opnsense) with possible opennebula.

The concrete question is, can i create a virtual network and span this across those 2 nodes directly using opennebula (or connect 2 different virtual networks via a Virtal Router), or do i need to create the entire tunnel myself (this is what i used to have OPNsense for).

I looked at Virtual Networks — OpenNebula 6.0.3 documentation but did not find what i need. I’am also not able to get it running using 6.0/Debian10 and 6.1/Debian11 due to issues with the installation (opening questions for that)

I’am new to opennebula, so please bare wit me.

I think the easiest and cleanest way is to plug your frontend and compute nodes into a switch that supports VLANs, and use VLAN tagging on your three hosts so they can all talk to each other on that VLAN. Then, in OpenNebula just define a virtual net with your IP configuration plus the VLAN ID you chose.