How I use node's VLM

Good morning.

I dont have SAN.

I am having problems whith node’s VLM datastore.

I have two nodes with VLM full disk. I want use that VLMs how datastore for create my virtual machines. When I follow oficial documentation does not work.

My VG NAMES: openebula1-vg and opennebula2-vg.

IP front end:
IP node 1:
IP node 2:

I am using ubuntu 14.

The forum can help me?

Someone can help me?

hi Eduardo, I bet the lack of response is caused by the confusing message :slight_smile:
I guess you mean LVM instead of VLM ?
And I guess you mean you want to use the local disks of the nodes as datastore?

If both assumptions are correct, then add them using those as SSH system datastore, see:

good luck !

I thank you for your answer.

I could not do it. Could you give me a more complete example?

My current scenario uses NFS, follow this link:

But I did not want to use NFS.

I want to use the space you have on nodes.