How to setup my host datastore

So I have two openebula host: one is the controller and a host the first one I built. The second is just a host. as of right now /var/lib/one/datastore are mapped over nfs to a nas and that works fine. What I want is to have VM created on just the host locally ( it has enough storage ) so that when I move it to new site the VM can run locally. The controller will still have access to the host but the host wont have access shared storage. Is this possible? how will I tell openebula to create VM on that local datastore




The ssh driver copies files to the host local storage.
You will need to create 2 datastores with the ssh tm_mad: image and system types.

More info here:

Ok makes sense; but how do I tell the host which system datastore to uses sinc I know have two?

You need to create a Cluster, and assign your host and datastores.

If you have a vnet that will be used exclusively by that host, add it to the cluster also. If you leave the vnet in the cluster ‘none’, it will be available to any host in your system.