How to add local disk in opennebula host to extend VM storage?

We have this Openebula host with 8 running VMS.
At the time of setting up the host, we added only one 480GB SSD disk. All the VMs are using that local storage only.

Now as you can see, the diskspace/datastore is getting full, is there any way to add an additional SSD storage drive to expand the Host datastore?

of course … based on your file system, you can increase you filesystem.

i.e. when you’re using a FS together with LVM you can increase your volume adding additional disks … same with ZFS … and same with any other FileSystem, where you use some kind of volume mgnt within

You can add the next SSD as an extra system datastore by mounting it on the proper path in the host. By default it is /var/lib/one/datastores/<ds_id>. Then you select that system datastore for that host.