How to backup OpenNebula Setup correctly

I’m building small scale OpenNebula environment using single dedicated server as a KVM node. I installed OpenNebula frontend in a internet facing vm located in AWS Singapore region.

My only kvm node is also facing internet & communicate with the front-end using internet. All are working fine.

What I need to know is how to backup the setup. I have RAID setup in kvm node so I’m not going to backup it at this stage because this is a testing phase. I just need to know how to backup front-end. What things I need to backup in the front-end ? is backing up mysql database will be enough to recover front end ?

Thanks !

Version : 5.6.1
Hypervisors : KVM

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hello @shyaminayesh

On our side we are also thinking about such need as we have a production cluster with 3 Front ends in HA mode.
Even if this kind of deployment is more secure because configuration and database is 3 times replicated, we also need to backup everything in case of DB corruption or wrong changes in configuration.

So At least what we have in mind is:

  • regular dumps of MySQL DB to be backed-up on an external platform
  • Backup of configuration files certainly files under: /etc/one/* (in a git repo on gitlab or somewhare else)
  • Backup of remotes driver configuration under: /var/lib/one/remotes (in git repo too)
  • Backup of VM configuration under /var/lib/one/vms/
  • If you customized sunstone, a backup of your custommization of course

That we have in ming in my company, someone from OpenNebula can confirm or add items to be backuped.

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Hi @jpfoures

did you face any issues when restoring from above mentioned backups in your reply ?