How to backup Sunstone

Hi all,
can anyone describe what data are relevant in order to have Sunstone backup ready to restore when hypervisor where Sunstone is running will fail?


Hello @Snowman

Could you please elaborate a bit more about what do you mean by “have Sunstone backup ready”?

I am running Opennebula 5.x and I would like to know what do I have to backup in order to be able to restore Sunstone to newly installed node. I suppose it will be MySQL backend - do i.e. SQL database dump. But there will be some config files or settings related to sunstone somewhere in system.

I want to backup Sunstone in way that I will be able to restore it with data when node where SS is running will fail and data will be lost.

The Sunstone configuration files are located in /etc/one/, they are the following:

  • sunstone-server.conf
  • sunstone-views directory.
  • sunstone-views.yaml
  • sunstone-logos.yaml