S3 backup of existing VM

According to the documentation here

Each VM which you want to backup needs a separate configuration within the VM template defining the configuration attributes below

Does that mean existing VMs launched from templates with no backups configured can’t be backed up?

try onevm update <vmid> onevm(1)

@feldsam thanks but I also did that and it didn’t work.

Before running that command and adding the backup config, I checked the man page and it says

  update vmid [file] Update the user template contents. If a path is not provided the editor will be launched to modify the current content. valid options: append

So it appears that it only update the user template content which is what happened on mine:

I then tried running onevm backup <vmid> and it did run the backup but it went to the image ds and not to the S3 marketplace I configured.

So with that, I think the BACKUP config has to be on the VM template and not the user template.

So try this Database Maintenance — OpenNebula 6.0.3 documentation

Hi @timedout ,

Please try using onevm updateconf <VM_ID>.


Hi @rdiaz , thank you for your suggestion. I tried that but after saving the editor, it looks like the BACKUP configuration was not saved. I confirmed it by running the same command and the BACKUP config is not there. I also checked the template on Sunstone and it’s not there also.

There’s one thing I noticed though which contradicts my second reply about onevm update <vmid>.
I mentioned that running that command saves the BACKUP config in the User template section and when I ran the actual backup command, it saved the backup to the datastore instead of S3.
Well I checked again today and found out the backup is now in S3. I replicated this process on another VM and run the backup command in verbose and found out that it looks like it saves the image first in DS and then upload it to S3. So I guess the onevm update command works.

But there’s one thing not showing on Sunstone which is the Backup information on the Info tab of the VM.

But you can see the same info on the template.

Hi @timedout,

To view the Backup information on Sunstone, you should add the HYPERVISOR attribute, and it has to be different than vcenter.

Best regards.