Onevm backup vmid fails

I’m trying to create backups of my vms following the official documentation. While running the backup command I’m getting this:

onevm backup 2 -v
2022-03-21 21:39:23 FATAL : #<RuntimeError: No frequency defined>
No frequency defined

I tried to add the frequency by manually updating the configuration of the vm in sunstone web interface, I’ve also tried with onetemplate update and also onevm update conf but same result.

How do I update my vm template to have that frequency attribute?

Hello @bms8197,

In Sunstone you can find an specific section related to the backup in the VM info tab. Using the CLI you can use the command onevm update and place the configuration of the backup under BACKUP.

FYI, we are currently working in reworking how backups work, so stay tuned for more news.