How to Copy opennebula image into a pendrive

I want to copy trusty image which i use in opennebula4.12, into a pendrive. How can i do it?
I’m using opennebula4.12 with ceph storage. Where is the physical location for opennebula images?

in ceph you have to take a look to the CEPH_POOL configured for the
datastore, then the image is one- in the pool.

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Thank you Ruben. I got it. Using rbd export command i got my image from CEPH_POOL.

Hello Thomas, Ruben

I would like to take the advantage of this topic to ask you if there is any feature in ON as a “save as” in order to an user can save his/her image from the ON images repository in his/her computer. Does it exist something similar?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Esteban,

This is very interesting indeed, there is an issue for it in the project

Feel free to add comments to it.


Hi Ruben,

Thank you very much for your fast answer.

Oki, I already have commented on :smile:

Do you have any plans to implement this feature on production? If it is so, when do you think it could be implemented on production?

Thanks in advance,

I’d say that 4.14 planning is more or less closed, we could think about
this after 4.14 is out…

Hi Ruben,

Oki, thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

We are pretty interested on having this option on production so if you wish we can talk about it after 4.14 is out.

Thanks in advance,