How to download PDF Guides when already subscribed?


Just tried to download a fresh version of guides in PDF format but have been stopped by required registration to newsletter ! :frowning:
As I’m subscribed for a long time, the only option given to me is to update my ML info and no link or redirection to any download page.
I tried to find links elsewhere on docs site… to no luck.

Any help appreciated

Hi, we intend to send the links on the release announcement on the ML.

We might have missed the 4.12.1. Can you email us at so we can send it to you?

Hi @jmelis, hope your doing well since Paris Tech’Day :slight_smile:

Actually, I circumvented the problem by registering another adress.
I’ll remember to search for the ML archive next time I want to update my
offline docs… but, FWIW, I still don’t think it’s good to obfuscate PDF
docs download links on the website.

Thanks for your answer