How to know IP assigned to VM from external DHCP


Could someone demonstrate/explain how to use onevm (or the 4.14 web admin) to list a VM’s IP address when the VM’s IP are assigned from external DHCP server?

The resource is by definition not managed by OpenNebula, if they are assigned/acquired from outside of OpenNebula, unless OpenNebula supports it specifically (e.g. vOneCloud, EC2, etc). Therefore, OpenNebula will not be able to list VM’s IP addresses if they are assigned from an external DHCP server.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, OpenNebula does not manage this resource (IP).
My hope was that there is someway that OpenNebula could interrogate the VM to get its IP, or the hypervisor to get the private side IP of the bridge connecting said VM. Any suggestions on how to use OpenNebula as a single point of info to get info even on resources that it does not manage direction (i.e. IPs)?


Maybe take a look at OneGate. You can let the VM sends information back to OpenNebula.

thanks for this guidance. I will investigate. Gracias Pedro