How to log in the VM using vnc?

Hi I am new to OpenNebula and I deployed Opennebula on KVM.

When I create the vm in RUNNING state, I don’t know how to log in. The templates of VM are from OpenNebula marketplace.

I found this post: [SOLVED] How todo I provide ssh_public_key the correct way

There should be two ways to sign in: using ssh-key or username-password.

I tried both methods. But it is not working. For ssh-key, I copied the content of the in oneadmin of OpenNebula Sunstone into SSH_PUBLIC_KEY.

For username-password, I create the, upload to Files, set the file name in Templates -> Init scripts and add ROOT_PASSWORD to user input.

However both way above is not work for me, new VM still result in login incorrect. Anyone may help me? Or is it the network is misconfigured?

Thank you

Try with this image:

And simply add PASSWORD=test to the template. Try logging in with root and password test.