CentOS VM login problem

Hi all,
I have an issue with login in my CentOS VM on opennebula.
At start the VM ask me the username and password to login, but I don’t know the right username and password. I have tried to setup SSH conncection as write in to the guide but doesn’t work.
Some suggestions?


im assuming you got the image from the marketplace ?
If I remember correctly, it has no password for a user (if it would, it would state so in the marketplace comment) so you will need to use SSH contextualization. This will get your ssh key into the VM on deployment. You will also need to add your ssh pub key to your user account details.

more info here: http://docs.opennebula.org/4.12/user/virtual_machine_setup/bcont.html

  • activate ssh contextualization in your template
  • add ssh key to your account in opennebula
  • deploy VM
  • login as root with your ssh key as always

A bit late, but in case someone reads this post. The user and password for the OpenNebula CentOS sandbox are:

User: root
Password: opennebula

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