Default Login credential of market place image

What is the default login credential of VM which are instantiated using image of market place?
Facing problem of Authenticity problem of SSH after doing password less ssh.
Error Message: Authenticity can’t be established:

Assuming it’s one of the images made by the opennebula team, it won’t have a password.
The only way to access it is setting your public ssh key in the User settings (or directly in the VM Template) before the VM is created.

Thank you for your reply, After setting public ssh key ( in user
setting of VM before its creation, VM asked for username and password.

Please guide us to solve this problem.

Hello All,
After doing passwordless ssh from front end to kvm node and kvm node to
front end., onehost command asks password of root@kvmnode.

Why is this happened?

I have followed link :

Please guide us.

Hello Everyone,
I’m stuck running on my VM when tried to create via the web interface in
Sunstone. VM log below as shown:
New VM state is ACTIVE.
New VM state is PROLOG.
Virtual Machine has no context
New VM state is BOOT
Generating deployment file: /var/lib/one/3/deployment.0
ExitCode: 0
Successfully execute network driver operation: pre.
Command execution fail: cat << EOT | /var/tmp/one/vmm/kvm/deploy
error: Failed to create domain from /var/lib/one/datastores/0/3/deployment.0

Domain could not be created.

Please guide, how to solve this problem.

problem is solved.

SSH to root user of node2 from server
scp /root/.ssh/ root@node02:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

SSH to root user of server from node2
copy content of cat /root/.ssh/ command from node02 and add it
to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file in server machine

SSH to oneadmin from server machine
ssh-keyscan … >> /var/lib/one/.ssh/known_hosts
scp -rp /var/lib/one/.ssh :/var/lib/one/

It will work.

Hello everyone,
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Thank you.